Facilitated procedures have become a major loop for the people – no employment contract, no employer note, no bank account statements are required. Everything happens within minutes, and you do not even have to leave the comfort and comfort of your own home. As a result of this, many Bulgarians have been able to benefit from the offer they have made. See http://marabi.net for an observation

Of course, let’s not forget something very important, which we must really think carefully before withdrawing money, namely our ability to service the loan in the future. If you have even minimal doubts, our advice is to leave things as they are and to look for another alternative to fill the gap in the budget.

If you want to be a regular payer, try to comply with the pre-defined repayment terms. If you have a single difficulty, tell a company employee and arrange another date that is convenient for you.

What if he does not return the loan on time?

What if he does not return the loan on time?

Following the financial crisis in our country, a growing number of Bulgarians are relying on micro-credit services. Loss in arrears is a common occurrence, which should be discussed in the following lines. If you are a user who has taken advantage of a quick loan that you later fail to service, then your credit file is automatically degraded.

Many citizens were left with no income when the labor market was sharply changed, and as a result, not a small portion of the loans became non-performing – fast, consumer, mortgage and others.


If a customer of a non-bank financial company falls into arrears, the following is being done:

  • An employee of the bank notifies the borrower of the upcoming installment by call or SMS;
  • Critical interest rates, the size of which is significantly higher than the standard ones, are accrued;
  • If after 90 days the loan continues to be non-served, keep in mind that interest accrues infinitely and calls are increasing.


Therefore, it is our advice to all of you to read carefully the treaty that is provided to you. We are aware that a large number of users are not scrutinizing the documents carefully because of the increased desire to become owners of the amount granted. This, however, leads to complication of life and becoming a debtor of a financial organization. Take out a loan only in cases where you are sure you can serve it regularly.